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Happiest of birthdays to my sister, best friend, partner, and PT. I love you. Welcome to 30!

Happiest of birthdays to my sister, best friend, partner, and PT. I love you. Welcome to 30!

Thank goodness for floor vents. #hot #humid

Thank goodness for floor vents. #hot #humid

She’s having a babyyyy!!!

She’s having a babyyyy!!!

"Please, don’t worry so much. Because in the end, none of us have very long on this earth. Life is fleeting. And if you’re ever distressed, cast your eyes to the summer sky when the stars are strung across the velvety night. And when a shooting star streaks through the blackness, turning night into day… make a wish and think of me. Make your life spectacular. I know I did."

- Robin Williams, Jack (1996)

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"I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that."

Betty Joan Perske aka Lauren Bacall | September 16, 1924.

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What goes through your mind, little dog?

What goes through your mind, little dog?

"The Buddhists say if you meet somebody and your heart pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, that’s not the one. When you meet your ‘soul mate’ you’ll feel calm. No anxiety, no agitation"

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"I would rather die of passion than of boredom."

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I finally had a chance to hit “reset” this weekend.

And do the things I needed to do to just relax. Recharge. Get my mind and body right.

The past month has seen a lot. A conference. A short vacation. A job ending. A job beginning. I was gone 2.5 out of the past 5 weeks. I was exhausted - mentally and physically.

Although I didn’t get nearly as much sleep as I wanted, I did go to bed earlier than normal and slept in later than usual. My feet are raw from wearing the wrong shoes, so I avoided shoes all weekend. I went to yoga. I got a massage. I spent time relaxing with my people. I didn’t do anything that wasn’t a necessity.

Self-preservation is easily forgotten, but is so important. For the first time in a long time, my fingers aren’t (as) numb; my back isn’t aching; I feel whole.

Great weekend.